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  • What is a positive reply?
    Any reply received from the prospect that shows interest, asks questions, desires to learn more etc. about your business.
  • When will I start seeing the initial results?
    We usually start having initial results couple of weeks after the launch of the campaign, however, depending on the external factors such as industry or seasonings might affect the time of initial results.
  • Do you validate the emails?
    Definetely. We use several tools to verify email addresses, names, positions, and other important data.
  • How many emails can you send daily?
    We send maximum 25-30 emails per day from 1 email account.
  • Do you handle lead responses?
    No, we do not reply and manage the responses. We do all the work until you get the first reply. Then it's up to you to seal the deal!
  • Where do you get the emails?
    We use several tools for lead research that legally provide actual information. Also, we search for leads’ emails in the open sources, verifying and double-checking them afterward. All the data points are publicly available.
  • How do you qualify the leads?
    After understanding your ICP, we look for the people matching the criteria you approve. Then we ask you to check the data we found according to your feedback to eliminate any companies you don't want to reach. With the finalization of company data, we check their titles, whether they are real decision-makers, verify their emails, etc. Usually, we use a mix of sources to confirm lead's qualification, including LinkedIn, email verification tools, and other.
  • Who owns the leads you found?
    The leads we find belongs to you 100%.
  • Who owns the domain you bought?
    You own the domain. During your subscription, we buy the new domain and forward it to your main domain. At the end of your subscription, if you want the domain, we transfer it to you.
  • Why you don't make a call?
    We are on the "A call that could have been an email" side about making calls. Communicating via email is much more efficient both for us and our customers. Btw we are really quick to answer emails
  • Is it required to get a new domain?
    Yes, it is needed to protect your existing domain and handle deliverability. The new domain will be forwarded to your domain.
  • Follow-up strategy
    We are doing 3-step sequences at 3-5 days intervals and all sequences are completed maximum in 1 months. Prospects can opt-out at any time.
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